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Second Life Blog: 1 in 64 is Better Than None

Everett Linden posted an entry on the Second Life blog, like so many other yawners with respect the SL5B (Second Life 5th Birthday) – and of course, there were a number of gems in the feedback section that Everett must certainly consider absolute gems, being most helpful not only to Linden Lab, but also ever other person who reads the blog post about the following subject:

“Thanks to moderator Rissa Maidstone, the recording of the Roundtable: Urbanism, Architecture & Planning: How Second Life can Help Build the Urban Landscape of the Physical World and Vice-Versa is now available.”

Now, as of this writing there are currently 64 talk-backs to the above information. Let’s take a peek and the wonderful insight presented to Linden Lab from their esteemed and oh-so-intellectual residents…

Christos Atlantis Says: Thank you for the recording, I missed this event and I wanted to hear it.
This is useful feedback, believe it or not.

Ah – the more typical response from number two:

viper overlord Says: logins down..what fun
So, viper, not only is this a wasted spot in one of the limited feedback positions, but it is not a complete wasted of bad breath on your part *because…* ?

Hmm, and number three:

Wynochee LeShelle Says: can’t login…

Utter effin’ genius. Let me guess, Wynochee… when your car won’t start, you’ll call the Quick Lube shop, leave a voice mail that says “My car isn’t working” and hang-up, expecting a return call with the exact cause of the problem and, on top of that, your car magically fixed. Oh, and no matter you are speaking to the wrong people that can’t help you with your problem to begin with.

Okay, it does get a little better with number four:

Eriksson Hawks Says: I can’t get in either. And the status indicator says login issues are resolved. What’s happening here?

Hmm… this is a little better. More intelligence than the last couple. Erikson at least went to look at the status page. Ummm… Erikson: that is why there are timestamps on each post. if the indicated status is “resolved” and the time stamp states 9 a.m. in the morning and it’s currently 6 p.m. in the evening… er, wouldn’t that at least give a teeny clue that the status of “resolved” does not apply to the current situation?

Number five is where the usual freaks start crawling out of the woodwork. These are people who are paper tigers and empty suits. They find it so easy to throw garbagr out of their mouths then go run and hide behind mommy’s skirt. This is indicated by the name they use to identify themselves and their post. They don’t even have the balls to stand-up to their own childish, whiny, shrill words:

DISGUSTED IN LINDEN LABS™® *!@$!! Says: why can you lindens NEVER update or post when there is troubles how many times do u fail at this useless to even have it cus ur updates take hours

Doesn’t netspeak like “ur” look and sound so irritatingly immature?

And the vitriol goes on and they all begin feeding off of each other. Let us skip to number 25:

Sam Singer Says: OK OK i have had it LL wth is going on try back in a few minutes been over an hour and a half now GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and this is something i spend like $200, USD a month to play wow am i a dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Sam: Ummm… yes. Yes you are. Dumbass.

So, as a reader of the this blog post, by now I am glassy-eyed and have no interest in reading any further, And I’m not even the target of all this useless nonsense. However, in the interest of finding out if there are any decent people who read the blog and don’t proclaim themselves a victim with entitlement issues (Linden Lab promises nothing. Don’t like it? Go home and leave the rest of us alone.)

It’s not until I reach post number 27. Post number 1 is a decent reply to the original subject. Everything from that point onward is pure waste of breath crap that does nothing but sound like a bunch it pussies who make a living whining all the time, feeling entitled to what they aren’t entitled to. All you dickwads need to leave SL and make the world better for the rest of us.

It’s just like to boneheaded brain-dead celebrities like Alec Baldwin…

(paraphrased) “If George Bush gets elected presentation I’m leaving the country and moving out!”

Exact same thing said by that wacko Barbara Streisand and several others. When Bush was elected I was elated! Not because he was elected (I am not a Bush fan, but don’t hate him any more than I hated Clinton or anyone else – I’m actually a realist here).

Rather I was ecstatic that those idiot celebrities would be gone, making the United States a better place!
Oh, but wait… they’re all still here, aren’t they? meh.

So of the first 27 replies to this post, 25 of of them are total wastes of breath by tards who think the world owes them everything. Someone needs to take a switch to their asses and teach them what the real world is about. Oh, but wait, these are all supposedly adults, right?

I guess the way they act (like ten year old tantrums) it’s not wonder the media thinks children are all over Second Life! Wow. What an epiphany!

So the first decent post was number 27 – almost half way through the current feedback list:

Ener Hax Says: holy cow! o_O just reading these and was going to say thank you for recording the sessions and then whamo, all these off topic flames. sheesh!
well, i have never had any Linden’s hang up on me in Live Chat (prob wanted to, I get talkative). they always respond and solve my issues, even had one Linden get a hold of me inworld and spend 15 minutes trying to understand my issue which was related to slurl.com.
customer service? in my book, Linden does one excellent job with it. and they were that way with me BEFORE I owned any sims. i now own a handful and they just continue to improve sl and their customer service.
anyone who thinks they don’t do well should start their own metaverse or shut up. dang, what a bunch of whiners . . .
oh, and thank you again for recording, and making available, the going ons of the SL5B stuff, I enjoy being able to view it in my idle time (ie, when I am not busy taking advantage of the wonderful business opportuniy that Linden has created for me) :)

Way to go, Ener. I’m with you on that. Of course post 34 has nothing better to do but to blast number 27 with more whining which is really directed at Linden Lab:

Sean Heying Says: Ener, #27, the funny thing about business opportunities in SL is that it falls into two areas.
1. Making spacebucks from products you create, and that needs a stable environment. Imagine working for hours on a script or a house or some intricate jewellry when the asset server borks and you loose your work.
2. Using it for real life business collaboration. What use is scheduling a meeting in SL when it’s so unreliable? Imagine you are in a meeting when you get a GodShout that the region is going down in 5 seconds. When you then try and relog in you find that logins have been restricted.
SL Has Zero legitimate business use, it’s just smoke and mirrors put up by people who want to play a game during work hours.

C’mon, Sean. We’ve chatted directly before on this very blog. But is it really necessary to shout and whine at Linden Lab via a rebuttal to another post that happened to describe a positive experience of another user? I just don’t think that’s fair to either Ener or Linden Lab. To me it’s a cheap shot. it is reacting through emotion and not logic.

Of course it’s a lot easier to be negative about things. Unfortunately it’s a clear sign of a lazy mind and simple education, such as exampled by post number 36:

Yavapai Villota Says: @27 and? are you inworld? if not: log off and try to log in and then maybe have a good time while measuring your increasing adrenaline level… – anyway: I see the numbers falling: 62000, 56000, 52000, 49000, 46000, 39000, 33000 (actualy) and so on… maybe they’ll come to the idea to restart the grid if we’re seeing the 0? About whining: you have fun with the opposite right? Blessing, praising, glorifying the Lab? Should I say now: “dang, what a bunch of glorifiers, anyone who thinks they do well should buy a mercedes benz without a motor or shut up” …? (nuff said for both points of view, let’s waste no room for others here, but wanted to respond to the endles bashing on people wich are disappointed for serious reasons i.e. residents money/time/ambitions versus Labs service and the fact that this thing has a constant level of instability wich is unique in the whole IT-biz)

Then by the time we get to post 37, we now have people rebutting other complaints. A rebuttal to all those who are so elitist as to demand Line Lab restrict “basic” accounts (who pay nothing – totally free) and allow premium (paid) accounts in first. Number 37 is incensed at this as now starts throwing their opinion back into the fray to debunk the previous whiners.

By the time we get to 40, the basic account holders are now ‘defending’ their status because they make “30K” and “pay into the economy” and others are still lambasting 27 among the usual Linden Lab flamers and trolls.

So, of 64 talks-backs (as of this writing) the first is a typical, decent post. Then everything is negative until 27. That’s 25 bad breath posts stinking up the blog. 27 expresses good experience with LL support and so on. Albeit, even though a positive post, it brings the wrath of others who feel the incredible need to shoot them down.

It’s not until number 52 when we see the first, decent, meaningful post of the entire bunch. Unfortunately, it’s not a post directed to Linden Lab, but rather all the elitist, diaper-wearing, whining, entitlement victims of Linden lab:

Delazouch Ashby Says:
The problem is:
People these days expect too much
If you have criticism it’s better that it’s at least constructive instead of simply moaning. I pay lots of money too, I have problems with SL too, if they get so bad that I can’t communicate with others then I’ll try to get it fixed, if it not fixed I might just go back to having a free account again and not spend so much time in SL, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. If you are trying to make a living from SL my only advice is this: Don’t. Do not rely on SL for your income, it’s extremely risky, make sure you have another primary income to support you.

Finally, the first voice of reason in the whole, smelly pile. Unfortunately, the target audience is the bad breath breathers instead of to the author of the article with useful feedback. However, thank you, Delazouch, just the same.

The only other, barely positive post… no, rather a not-so-negative, but still so post is at 63:

Mikhail Obscure Says: Thankyou #61
But this is the place we all find when we first go to log on; raising important issues here creates awareness and eases frustrations when we feel we are not a lone voice suffering a problem.
I agree if we all use Jira more it may spurn them into action, please everyone use that link if the camping bothers you and we may see a lower traffic and more stable system

With this said, the way it was said and what the content is about, I’m going to stick with 52 and the most recent ‘positive’ post.

So, that leaves number 64.

The last post in this thread (as of this writing):

DR Dahlgren Says: One person can ruin the experience for hundreds by simply being selfish and destroying the look of an area, by griefing, by setting off nukes on a little 512, by setting up 15 camping chairs at their store and lagging a whole sim, by grabbing up land with bots, etc etc.
Socialism is even more vulnerable to that sort of exploit, because unless it is controlled by a very heavy handed government, it is dependent on human beings taking only what they need, and giving back all they can.
Yeah, I can see that working on a world populated by human beings. NOT!


So, how the hell did a “discussion” about a recording of Panel meeting during the Second Life 5th birthday turn into whining and defending bots, griefers, free basic accounts, and otherwise bastardizing Linden Lab and another user who has, themselves, experienced positive support?

And people wonder why no one, but the crybabies read the Second Life blog anymore… including Linden Lab.

Oh well. Sometimes watching supposedly intelligent adults crying and whining like diaper-wearing, bed-wetting 4-year-olds looking completely moronic is just plain entertaining. Too bad they aren’t bright enough to realize no one reads the blogs but others who feel just like them, so it’s nothing more that the blind man shouting to the deaf man while he points to the hole in the street.

{Rolls on the floor laughing his ass off and the boneheads who whine to the whiners!}

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  1. Muscrat Hesse
    July 3, 2008 at 10:34 am

    Nice that you can attack people who have real concerns! It does seem though you missed a very important part of your blog entry.
    #1 most of the people complaining had just been tossed out of world with no reason given other than a very hard to find notice on the RSS feed that is in no way accesible from the front page.
    #2 they were dealing with a very nasty customer service problem. That I myself was party to.
    And if all your looking for are ” Positive posts ” then we will get no where with improvements in Second Life. More than 75% of those posts were legitimate concerns that have been issues for sometime and have not been heard by Linden Labs.
    This was a source that was open and ready for this kind of complaining. And I might also remind you that if Linden Labs had simple posted a blog entry about why people were being tossed out and unable to log in you probalby wouldn’t have seen any remarks there!
    So instead of being so concerned about being positive and warm fuzzy feelings for Linden Labs adress the real issue. A issue that has been a problem for sometime now! Linden Labs total lack of useful timely and accurate information and status. There should be a place as easy as the Blog for SL citizens to openly aire there complaints!
    Also in all of that gripeing there was a ton of good informattion that needs to be looked at! And people like me reading it learn what people are looking for!
    Such as today because of that post I am banning the use of Bots in my estates as I did not realize how much of a problem they were! So allready the blog posts your blasting has probably made at least 200 of the residents in my estates very happy!

  2. Muscrat Hesse
    July 3, 2008 at 10:42 am

    And no Jira isn’t the best solution to the problem as it has its on glitches and strange going ons !, that is a total waste of time and energy for people. Items get tossed around issues lost and comments are often deleted if they are to harsh or to accurate and you get a nice little email from Linden Labs explaining that it was because of a technical difficulty that the string was lost!

  3. Muscrat hesse
    July 3, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    OH OH some one doesn’t take critiuques very well do they!

  4. July 3, 2008 at 1:24 pm


    First of all – I invite critiques. First time posters always await moderation. Impatient are we?

    Are you listed in the article? Perhaps I should have looked for you. The fact of the matter is this: your ranting diatribe only makes my case for me.

    I was locked out of SL, too.
    I also know the Lindens are just a bunch of employees trying to put food on their table like most people. I also know they – the rank and file – do not deserve the crap thrown at them on a daily basis.

    I am not an apologist for the Lindens. Though in the higher-ups – Robin, Whomever replaces Corey, Phillip and now “M” – and a few others – they are the ones steering the boat. They are the ones who deserve, and get paid to deal with any flak.

    But when people just jump out in the middle of the street to scream and not really scream to anyone in particular… it just becomes irritating white noise.

    So, just a waste of breath.
    You know… ‘bad’ breath.

    oh, and since you now have been moderated, you can reply anywhere on this blog at any time without being moderated. Although your third statement above clearly shows you think negative thought as a way of life.

    There is help available. You should seek some. And the white coats are pretty, too.

  5. CeN
    July 3, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Not that Ari needs any help defending himself LOL but I’m going to weigh in anyway.

    The point of this post, as I understood it, is that angry or negative comments are not that helpful without some factual information. A secondary point is that if you are having a problem of some sort with SL, commenting on a post about the recording of Panel meeting during the Second Life 5th birthday may not be the best way to get help. The people who can help you and answer your questions may not ever read the comments on that particular post, and almost certainly not in time to help you.

    Did it suck some of us could not log in? Hell yes. Are many of the issues mentionned in the article valid, yes again. Can anything be accomplished by commenting on an unrelated post just to rant and vent, I don’t think so.

    Then again Muscrat, maybe you are right, maybe Linden Labs does need to create a “what’s your beef” environment for those that simply need to be heard, and for those residents like yourself that learn new things by reading those beefs. You have estates with 200 residents and you seriously did not know bots were an issue until reading the comments on that article? I’m nobody and even I knew that.

  6. Muscrat Hesse
    July 3, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    And once again you missed the point wich is sad. In reality my response was in fact positive! If you had taken the time to read it better you would have seen! You are correct there are few lindens whom read the blog.
    I took some very postive steps from those complaints in the above mentioned blog post. Such as the ban on bots in my regions. Also I will now instate a new customer service system through SKYPE for my own customers to reach the people who work for me.
    I was not aware of the feelings of people who felt that free accounts were some how less important than paid ones! So today I sent a message to my renters who are free accounts letting know them of the fact they ARE VALUED CUSTOMERS!
    As you can see I probably don’t need the white coats as you seem to think anyone who challenges your point of view is crazy.
    So yes some very positive things come out reading even the negative things people say!
    Like your blog for example I never would have found it if you didn’t use that same blog post to advertise your own BLOG! you didnt leave a postive comment ARI you just simply used that blog in the same manor as the ones complaining to serve your own ends.
    So once again i learned something positive! you have a funny blog and your a smart if not misdirected marketer of your own crap! Bravo!

    And such highly entertaining CRAP deserves a spot in my pics for entertainment!

    oh once again something positive even for you!

  7. Delilah
    July 3, 2008 at 2:49 pm


    Doesn’t look like Muscrat needs any help defending himself either.


    LOL @ CeN your right your nobody! I am one of those 2 and i didnt know bots were and issue untill I got my note card explaining the change in policy in my sim! Oh yeah from my Land Lord Muscrat Hesse! so it seems to me hahahah that CeN is a whiner to ! Welcome to the family *hugs*

  8. July 3, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    I have to admit to sighing and rolling my eyes at the off-topic moaning and whining going on in the Linden blog comments. Glad to hear I’m not the only one bothered by this nonsense.

    Mind you, I don’t mind on-topic criticism at all. I could just do without the hundred “I CANT LOG IN FUK U LINDENS LABS IM UR CUSTOMERR”-type comments on every single post.

    P.S. Nice to see that the “irrational, abusive blathering” viewpoint is being represented in the comments here, too. Wouldn’t want them feeling left out. :-)

  9. July 4, 2008 at 8:49 am

    Yes – to be clear – the majority of complaints are legitimate. I don’t argue that. The problem I have is as Cen mentioned – the posting of unrelated complaint in an inappropriate forum turns what may be a legitimate complaint into crybaby whining.

    Linden Lab really does need to have a “vent’ box somewhere.

    I agree wholeheartedly that basic accounts are valuable. They are my customers, too. As for bots – well, it depends. I use a bot. One bot. It automatically manages my groups for me (inviting and kicking people for me, so I don’t have to waste time with that.)

    My main ‘beef’ with that entire blog thread was: by the time we get half-way through the comments, most of the rest are simply attacking and defending against each other.

    So, yes – many are legitimate complaint. Many are frivolous. The point is: is this the proper place to vent them?

    @Muscrat: Good that you see some the concerns many residents have. I would only implore you that research on your behalf be conducted. To be sure the “cause” is in fact accurate. As an I.T. professional and knowing how computers, networking and databases work, many of these alleged problems are not problems at all.

    In the case of bots… well, that really depends on how they are being used. Camp bots – I agree are a scourge. One or two clothing modeling or other utility bots – meh.

    Thank you all for your feedback. All very good points.

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