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Linden Lab Drops the Hammer on Mainland

Marshal Law in Linden Land?I told you it’s been coming. And now it’s here. Governor Linden and the Linden Army are mobilizing. Is it marshall law? No, not really. it’s the “slippery slope” that always seems to rear it’s head in times like these and the Lindens simply cannot win.

They are constantly damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

They are ridiculed and whined-to when they leave everything alone in a hands-off approach – such as the whole ageplay fiasco a while ago. But then, the very same people will whine and chastise Linden lab when they do intervene, take the recent SL5B event.

And the constant whining about how Linden Lab needs to protect people from themselves. The current issue: the land glut and 16 square meter squatters and extortionists. Thank God for private estates and the way Linden Lab still maintains a hands-off approach to them.

Jack Linden has made a long post about changes coming to the Second Life Mainland:

Jack Linden sez…
“As Estate Manager for the Mainland continents, Linden Lab needs to become more involved. Much more. We have to actively work to provide the best experience for our customers just as the many wonderful private estate owners do for theirs. You can expect to see Linden Lab proactively resourcing, planning and taking action to better support the many mainlanders on our estate; we have a responsibility to our tenants and we take this role very seriously.”

Frankly, I’m with Linden Lab on this one.

A heads-up – it’s a long, more complicated than normal post to the Second Life blog. What do you think? Is it marshall law?

  1. November 2, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    It’s MARTIAL LAW, not marshall law… just FYI.

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